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Naoshima Cultural Village
Situated on an island in the Inland Sea and home to campgrounds and Benesse House, a fine arts museum that is also a hotel.
Nagoya Marunouchi Tokyu Inn
Includes hotel information, guide to guest rooms, reservations, access, restaurants, room features, and map. Located in Naka-ku, Nagoya.
Sakura Hotel
Offers single to family rooms with Internet access and snack bar on the premises. Also offers day time use.
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka
Offers a Japanese-style room, and rooms specially designed for female guests as well as for nonsmokers.
Japanese Guest Houses
Offers listings and reservations for ryokans around the country.
Japan Hotel Network
Independent reservation system finding affordable accommodation for visitors to Japan.
Palace Hotel
Offers suites and rooms, conference halls, restaurants, lounges, and more.
Prince Hotels
Locations throughout Japan and in Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, and Toronto.
Sakura House
Monthly furnished apartment and guest house agency providing hundreds of rooms throughout Tokyo, Japan.


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