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Steenberg Country Hotel
Restored boutique hotel in the Constantia Valley offering a taste of gracious country living as it used to be.
Arabella Country Estate
Holiday resort situated just outside of Cape Town, features a championship golf course, a hotel and Altira health spa.
The Long Beach
Boutique Hotel in Kommetjie.
Mount Nelson Hotel
A hotel located close to the city centre and the Table Mountain cableway. Each of the 75 suites and 145 bedrooms are individually furnished, and provided with private bathrooms and individually controlled air conditioning.
O on Kloof
Boutique Hotel in Bantry Bay.
Park Inn Greenmarket Square Hotel
Hotel in the business district of Cape Town. Near Waalburg Conference Centre with executive boardroom, conference rooms and an auditorium.
Pontac Estate Hotel - Paarl
Privately owned, Victorian style hotel in wine lands. The manor house offers ten spacious, individually decorated, double bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms. Each room is air conditioned and is equipped with telephone and TV.
Quayside Lodge - Simon's Town, Cape Town
The hotel occupies a setting on the waterfront. 28 rooms, six have mountain views and twenty two with sea views. A fully equipped and serviced conference centre is available.
Hotel Graeme
Offers rooms and self catering suites.


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